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Yes, you read that right. We help you save money with the power of videos. Your project spends a lot of time on providing support and guiding your users. Therefore it is time to go on a money saving adventure. Turning questions into videos is our specialty.


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VIDEASER stands for easy, efficient, quality. With a team of video editors, writers and voice actors, we focus on just one thing, instruction videos. Therefore we can ensure excellent quality. With years of experience, we know how to use any platform, from NFT marketplaces to SaaS projects, this results in a quick production time. It starts with a question and we do the magic.


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The only thing we need from you is a list of topics, questions or problems. We then record a video that illustrates the topic. Then based on the actions taken in the video we will write a voiceover script for you to check. Once the script is perfectly fine, our in-house voice actor will narrate the script and we edit it as a whole. After we send the first version, you can give us feedback and we apply the feedback, we do this until you are 100% satisfied. Now that you are 100% satisfied we export the video(s) and share it for you to download.

Some of

our masterpieces

Instruction video for PyroPets

Instruction video for FlashLoans

Instruction video for BinanceSender

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